Church Weddings


How do I arrange my Wedding at Christ Church?



If you live on Burnside, Keighley Road, Horse Close or Greatwood, Shortbank Road, Middletown, Newtown or Broughton Road, then Christ Church is YOUR parish church.


If you or your partner live in the Parish, and neither of you has been married before,  you have a right to be married in your   Parish Church, whether or not you have been baptised or come to church regularly. Even if neither of you live in the parish (the areas named above) you may have some historic link with Christ Church. Maybe you were baptised here, and moved away?  Perhaps your parents were married here? If we can establish some link, we may be able to marry you here.


What if I or my partner have been married before? It may still be possible to marry at Christ Church. This needs to be talked through with the Vicar.


How much does it cost? The fees for 2019 which include the organist and verger’s fee is £674. 


What do I do now?  Ring the vicar on 01756 793612 or email and a meeting will be arrnaged to discuss details. You will need to pay a deposit of £50 to secure the date. This is taken off the final cost of the wedding. We will then fill in a form and enter your Wedding date in the church diary. We can agree dates for the banns and a wedding preparation session. We then meet as required to sort out music and other details, and also to arrange a rehearsal shortly before your wedding day. The remaining fees are paid at the rehearsal.





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